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Flexible neon VS classic glass neon

Here you can learn more information about different type of neon. We tell about all pros and cons of flexible and classic glass neon and show the differences between them.
Flexible neon

1. Durable, resistant to mechanical damage
2. Quik and easy mounting
3. Flexible neon is 30-40% cheaper than classic glass neon.


1. Lifetime ~ 2 years (then start to lose brightness).
2. Flexible neon have less intense light than classic neon
3. Made of LED strip placed in the silicone tube
4. Colors palette is limited
5. Looks less esthetic than classic neon
Classic glass neon

1. Lifetime is 8 years at least.
2. Intense light.
3. Tubes filled with neon made of glass.
4. Looks more esthetic than flexible neon.
5. Wide variety of colors.


1. Fragile because made of glass.
2. Hard to mount.
3. Costs a bit more
Which type of the neon choose?
Both type has its pros and cons.
For longtime project we can recommend classic glass neon cause its lifetime much longer.
Flexible neon'll be perfect as a budget version of a neon sign.
Wich type of socket do you need?
You can use typical socket 220v
What's inside the neon tubes?
It depends on neon's type
Classical glass neon made of glass tubes filled gas under low pressure.
Flexible neon made of LED strip placed inside silicone tube.

Do you make items by individual order?
Of course! We can make any your dreams come true.
Do you have shipping to another cities and countries?
Yes, we have worldwide shipping.
Do you have a pickup point in Moscow?
Yes, the address of our showroom is Samokatnaya st. 4, bld 3. Baumanskaya/Ploshchad Ilicha metro station
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